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Wir beraten multinationale und regionale Retail-Unternehmen in allen Strategie- und Managementhemen. Dabei sowohl rein stationäre Konzepte, Omni-Channel-Retailer oder Pure-Online-Player.


Wir beraten Lifestyle-und Luxusmarken. Fokus sind B-2-C relevante Themen, d.h. endkundenzentrierte Marketing-und Sales-Strategien, „Own-Retail“ und alle Initiativen aus Sicht einer Whole-Sale-Marke die Retailer zu stärken.


Our entire passion is the customer. That’s why we focus our consulting on companies that have a high level of customer focus. These companies either sell directly to the end customer via their own retail and online trade or they focus their value creation very closely on the end customer.


We advise international and regional retail companies on all strategy and management topics. One focus is on business model strategies such as “POS of the future” and omni-channel. Equally as important, we increase our clients’ bottom line through revenue- and value-enhancement programs, customer-centric purchasing and inventory management, sales and leadership concepts, and retail/digital marketing excellence. No matter how you achieve your sales – brick-and-mortar, e‑commerce, or omni-channel – we are happy to support you.


We advise lifestyle and luxury brands with a focus on B2C topics. This means we support clients in developing and implementing customer-centric marketing and sales strategies, as well as structuring and optimizing their own retail operations. In addition, we develop customer-focused online and offline strategies for brands to achieve joint growth with their retail partners.


Many start-ups lack access to relevant end-customer markets, an understanding of them, and the necessary market and sales expertise. We advise start-ups on their general business strategy, help with fundraising, and provide operational support in acquiring new customers and entering new country markets.


We advise online business models on all aspects of growth: omni-channel and marketing issues, from performance marketing to CRM. For omni-channel companies, we develop strategies for profitable growth and an optimized customer journey´s across all channels. A special focus is on optimizing total customer share-of-wallet instead of “channel-thinking”.


We advise automotive brands and car dealerships with a focus on B2C-relevant topics. This means that we support clients in the development and implementation of end-customer-centric marketing and sales strategies as well as the structuring and optimization of their process flows. In addition, we develop strategic and operational customer acquisition/customer retention concepts for our clients to achieve targeted sales growth.

Hospitality, Food&Beverage

We advise international and national hotel and restaurant companies as well as food brands primarily in the areas of brand strategy, marketing, product and growth strategies. In addition, a special focus in our work is on expansion and internationalization strategies.